The Cult Rises

It Which Has No End
Adventure One

The party has been hired by Duke Garon Highshield of Nakovian Empire.

The Nation has been suffering from a plague of unknown creature. With promises of minor titles and their spells at the ready they ventured forth into the Barony of Krologda. There they received deeper explanation of a creature called the Obit’ zernak from Baron Nedik Gazan .

A strange beast, assumed to be planar or magical in nature, that can latch onto its prey and deliver a bite that infects them. The infected individual dies quickly and is instantly reanimated as some sort of zombie-like monster. Shortly after regaining their feet their head explodes as a small Obit’ zernak launches from the gore and grows full sized in mere moments.

After fighting a half dozen of these creatures, the party encounters humans dressed in black robes with red trim. Each wears a symbol emblazoned on their tabards of a black clawed hand clutching a bone white skull.

Armed with maces they throw themselves at the group with pious fervor. They are easily dispatched. The party holds one back and attempt to interrogate him for answers. The acolyte stares at them with contempt. Slowly his jaws begin to move as though he is about to speak. They hear a soft popping sound and then the prisoner begins to convulse as foam pours from his mouth. He dies painfully at the hands of the poisonous capsule he consumed.

Frustrated the party moves on.

As the path they follow slowly descends and they realize they are walking in a shallow valley, the group decides to take the high ground for safety and vigilance.

Shortly after gaining the ridge, an arrow strikes Silas in the chest. Without knowing where the strike originated, the group takes cover. Searching the rocks and flora outcroppings for their assailant, they spot a glint and slight movement in the trees ahead.


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