Rise of the Cult

The battle is underway. The group is taking their characters, created via the Pathfinder rules set and set in War Torn and the planet of Hirell (custom world), through a full campaign under my command. They will join the fray, kill monsters, save the day and find the loot. In the end they will, hopefully, survive and live long to enjoy the spoils of their many victories over the dark forces of Miskvah.

This run will center on the nation of Nakovia in central Hirell and a brief time in Apathia. The campaign focuses on building on one of the many threats in Hirell, the Cult of Gresarv. This cult is devoted to what they call a dead god, but many sages believe isn’t nor ever has been a real god. Most suspect that the Gresarvian clerics gain their spells from other evil aligned deities who revel in the chaos.

Our groups will work to discover the truth. They will battle their way up the chain of command… and look for its leader. May the Nine protect them.

Our group consists of 30+ adults who understand it is hard to allocate gaming time but we do our best so that we can enjoy, not only each others company but the company of goblins, dragons and more than a few smelly half-orcs.

Thanks for checking us out.

The Cult Rises

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